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When the storm hit so thatepiritparkled wi clean waterource

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   Today, Beijing ushered in the flood season maximum rainfall, 11:30, Municipal Meteorological Bureau issued orange rainstorm warning signal upgrade. Beijings flood control headquarters commander, mayor Wang Anshun give directions, catastrophic natural disasters requires profound lessons learned "7.21", do the preparatory measures to ensure that dead people do not bubble car! Circle of friends kept it was drying out all kinds of pictures in the water in the front row, and remind each other of security knowledge instructions under heavy rain ...... all this clean water source so that people could not help think, the night of July 21, 2012, that field clean water source Jiuan employees brave, sacrifice their lives to participate in the Hong Kong and Macao big rescue!


   that night, the capital experienced heavy rainfall disasters. Hong Kong and Macao high-speed Beijing-direction at a 17.5 km, Nangang depression due to severe water under the bridge and road incarnation of a vast expanse of water trapped more than 100 vehicles the size of vehicles, most of the stranded people climbed the roof of the bus, shouting for help . Clean water source leaders immediately issued a command: "! To ensure their own safety at all costs the rescue."

   from 7.21 late 9:00 start to the next day around 4:00, the clean water source long security project department of more than 170 employees after more than 7 hour rescue, the more than 200 stranded people out of the woods. This is a flood seconds to grab points wins the battle, more than 170 ordinary people, trapped for more than 200 brothers and sisters, dangers, to come forward, risking his own life, fight hard to compose a new Samaritan carol era.

   "private enterprise not only clean water source company agreed to their site for drainage, also sent a rescue team composed of staff, rescued 182 people in the storm floods. For small sacrifice for everyone of my noble character, Guo Jinlong spoke highly praised. "in Hong Kong and Macao rescue the next day, because there is no nearby drainage, clean water source long security company project department agreed to the site ground water is discharged, even if therefore delay the construction period, resulting in economic losses, but also duty-bound. "Beijing Daily" reported the case.


   Wen Jianping, chairman of the clean water source in the Ministry of Hexi water recycling plant project site visit and comfort this heroic rescue when rescue teams, clean water source called on all company employees to learn this heroic team, learn from their brave, courageous and noble spirit, learning to practical action they take social responsibility, practice the spirit of Beijing, the construction of clean water sources high moral noble character building.

   ChengHowever, the successful completion of the rescue work, the project team is to follow the Fengtai District Water and Flood Control Office stringent requirements put in place flood control materials, perfect duty system common result, but for the people, clean water source, a deeper reason, as well as time to practice clean water source "social responsibility, ecological civilization" business philosophy dictates, whether it is scorching heat, or is it cold winter, whether it is flood current, or is it the earthquake struck, clean water sources people are under the guidance of this concept, in every post tenacious commitment to it, out of selfless helping hand to all who need it, which is good clean water source vows to build Chinas water security strategy defense where the confidence!

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