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Water purifier manufacturs elaborate filtreplacement tips

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   As the water purifier (water purification) rise market, hot, water purifier (water purifier) 鈥嬧€媤ill gradually become water every household appliances, consumers have this question, water purifiers the filter element belonging to supplies, "home water purifier filter core of how long a replacement." At present, the water purification industry in a period of rapid growth, many brands on the market water purifier, water purifier dazzling varieties, different water purifier filter process and structure is different, but generally speaking, the vast majority now commonly used water purification is divided into the following filter element, water purifier and how long the filter element to replace a


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   to replace the filter water purifier Why? that is because water purification the cartridge isolate impurities in the water, clean water discharged, and these impurities blocking filter, and after flushing thoroughly rinse not, over time, impurities piled purifier become blocked. In fact, it will be blocked water filter water purifier is good, that is a good filter, to prove that it played a role.

   It must be noted that the first valve off the machine (if there is no ball valve on the water purifier, the need to close the water valve at home), then open the tap water purifier evacuated; [ 123]

   the second three-way valve closing the water purifier, filter remember not directly open the lid, closing the first water, during the operation

   the third filter cover is open, generally cartridge cover rotation mode are, according to the correct direction of rotation indicated, the purifier inside the old filter withdrawn, remember when taken inside the water purifier clean.

   After the fourth new cartridge is installed, the cartridge cover is closed, and then open the valve test, 10 minutes after the test is no problem, or the occurrence of abnormal sound can be used

   [123 ]

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   after replacing the filter cartridge will need to wash a bucket of water before drinking

   Please note that when to replace the filter cartridge brand or specifications do not match [ 123]

   Please note that when to replace the filter for leaks case

   problems, please contact the water purifier sales staff, home to solve the problem

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