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Township Henan- the maximum protection to water resource

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   Neixiang County is north Water catchment South Danjiangkou reservoir, to conservation. Now, here verdant trees, blue sky, stork birds fly, fish in groups ...... always reveals the beauty of harmony ecological civilization. When reporters recently came to interview Neixiang County, Henan Province Peoples Congress, Neixiang County Party Committee Secretary Li said, a few years ago, here Luancai deforestation, mining destruction, the illegal smelting, illegal sewage, ever let healthy ecosystem was injured, a number of rivers are polluted, directly endanger water quality and safety and Dan sources.

   In recent years, is located in Neixiang County Procuratorate based North Water Transfer Project water sources (ie Danjiangkou Reservoir) special geographical location of the catchment area, standing height to protect the ecological security through innovative means of legal supervision and crack down crime measures harm ecological resources, is "a library of water sent to Beijing and Hebei," to build a good ecological barrier.

   to create an integrated ecological Attorney handling the case "matrix"

   talk about environmental protection, Li said, since 2014, Neixiang County Procuratorate and the courts, the Public Security Bureau, the Bureau of Justice jointly introduction "Suggestions on strengthening ecological and environmental protection work," "Interim provisions on the fight against acts of environmental destruction and dereliction of duty in accordance with law" and other documents, before the establishment of the case informed, major case early intervention mechanism to handle cases quickly build a "hit, investigation, monitoring, pre "the integration of ecological Attorney" matrix. "

   in March 2016, Li Bing in the case without obtaining the permission of the authorities, privately hired someone else to build roads destroyed shelterbelt forest in Malaysia Kouzhen Mohe, was identified, Bing illegal occupation of forest land area of 鈥嬧€?1.3 acres, their behavior is suspected of illegal occupation of agricultural land. Neixiang County Procuratorate arrest in reviewing the case, Li Bing challenge the expert opinion, argued that only in the original old road widening roads, occupation of forest land does not reach the identified area. Procuratorate then recommend whether there is public security organs involved in woodland on the old road, and the old area to investigate correction, verification of the authenticity of old does not ensure that the facts clearly. Li Bing was eventually sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for three years the courts.

   It is reported that, in three years, a total of Neixiang County Procuratorate supervision of administrative law enforcement organ has transferred to destroy the environmental resource crimes cases 36, 132 approved the arrest, prosecution 141, urge to perform their duties 20, seven cases involving ecology non-execution cases urge the courts to enforce environmental protection in place.

  In order to maximize resources and environment protection of water sources, Neixiang County Procuratorate and the courts, environmental protection, forestry, water conservancy and other departments jointly issued the "Opinions on the implementation of ecological restoration in handling cases destruction of the ecological environment," also suggested that the county the county government new projects must be strictly reviewed to eliminate "after the first replacement ticket on board" phenomenon. This proposal was adopted nearly two years carried out a total review audit festivals worldwide, has rejected the gold digging, incineration plant, iron and steel smelting high energy consumption, high pollution projects 23.

   rigid supervision decontamination "old Lai"

   From the beginning of January 2016, Neixiang County Procuratorate jointly with South River Pollution Control District headquarters, for the territory of the county forest, mining, library enterprise sewage phenomenon district, along the river, the relevant departments jointly carry out the "Paul Castle, preserving green water, waste gas treatment, I built a beautiful home" special activities.

   Neixiang a steel plant belonging to the county investment projects, although low capacity and high pollution, but because of the "special contribution" and continued illegal production. Neixiang County Attorneys Procuratorate issued a timely suggestion, demanding the closure of the company. September 2016, prosecution, environmental protection, land and other departments to set up law enforcement supervision and inspection group to oversee the removal of production equipment business, shutting down the implementation of measures.

   As of now, the hospital has departments of supervision and law enforcement polluting enterprises along the river within seven turbulent river farming and chemical closed down, has closed down more than 70 farming enterprises, shut down the sewage is not compliance More than 20 industrial enterprises; and oversees the Environmental Protection Agency and other departments to suspend business for rectification of the countys 30 small stone processing enterprises, to meet the requirements of 11 companies in a timely manner to improve the EIA and the "three simultaneous" acceptance procedures; urge taoxi and other watersheds township launched sewage treatment plants, landfills and other key environmental protection projects to ensure water quality and Dan outbound import safety standards.

   thorough investigation of misconduct Maintenance "Shan Qu solid."

   Li said: "According to the latest Ministry of Water Resources water quality monitoring shows 109 index Danjiangkou reservoir water surface water Class 鈪?are in line with the above criteria . the reservoir waters thousands of kilometers, can do green mountains solid canal clean waters flow, which contains many of the hard work of prosecutors. "

   covers an area of 鈥嬧€媘ore than 4500 ha of turbulent river wetlands , Neixiang County is an important source of drinking water, wetlands waterfowl and migratory birds is also important channel through the Qinling Mountains, has important economic and scientific value. 2016In September, there are reports from the public Neixiang pollution treatment plant director Choi and Ryu administrator, suspected of taking the national sewage treatment fees, the large-scale pollution turbulent river wetlands. Neixiang County Procuratorate jointly immediate field investigation and quality supervision departments, ultimately found Choi, Ryu water quality in the case of non-compliance, the use of false electricity and other means to cheat the accumulated sewage treatment fee for its multi-government allocated more than 2.1 million yuan . Court recently sentenced for fraud Choi, Ryu for two years and six months prison terms ranging from three years and fined.

   Since last year, Neixiang County Procuratorate prosecute crimes committed behind the destruction of the ecological environment resources cases, criminal cases for investigation of law enforcement officers eco-friendly areas of corruption, dereliction of duty, malfeasance 8 to 10 people.

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