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· The future of interactivInternet homcloud mes 5G IoT open

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  道 The future of interactive Internet home cloud meters 5G IoT open a new era of intelligent whole house http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 09:02 on May 20 Source: HC purification Network T


   HC purification network 2020 May 19, held on the cloud-meter line technology "the future of Internet-interactive home" cloud strategy release and 2020 meters 5GIoT new conference, released a brand strategy and 5GIoT2020 5GIoT new strategy, "the new appliances species," the perspective, opening the door to future smart home interconnection 5G era. Cloud-meter technology founder, CEO Chen Xiaoping at the scene to you personally experience the future of interactive home appliances wisdom, to show the audience a touch of freedom, seamless experience of cloud-meter 5GIoT home Internet system.


   Internet cloud the future revolutionary subversion meters 5GIoT four interactive open house era

   focused on exploring cloud era 5G family of intelligent meters, with 5GIoT development strategy, redefine the future of home. How to change the times at 5G product formats, relying on how to change the product format next generation network, has become the direction of the cloud m thinking. In this conference, Chen Xiaoping predicted that cloud will bring a 4-meter 5GIoT great revolutionary subversion for a family of intelligent:

   道 subversion connection - open wireless Chang era, all Internet

   will turn on wireless cloud meters 5GIoT Chang era linked. Achieve full house scene 5G high-speed network coverage, support up to 256 access amount + IoT devices, cloud-meter 5GIoT will completely solve the shortcomings of the past, many connected to redefine the whole house Internet connection architecture, allowing users to truly enjoy the whole scene interconnected whole house experience.


   道 considered subversive force - force open cloud count the times, enabling infinite wisdom

   by the complex calculations, a large number of reintroduction cloud storage, cloud meters 5GIoT will open cloud era force count, a huge family of intelligent subversion. Cloud gaming, cloud APP, will fall to the ground by the popularity of 5GIoT. The cloud-enabled AI, to create the super brain cloud, cloud operators to achieve unlimited expansion force.


   道 subversion interaction - decentralized, open free interactive age

   era of cloud meters 5GIoT will open free to interact, to change the traditional mechanization, singleInteractive experience, users will be free-flowing interaction "human-centered" approach to the machine by voice, touch screen gestures, facial images automatically controlled. Meanwhile, widely used cloud-meter screen in the wisdom of the family, go for home interaction of APP, decentralized, different terminal devices free of touch, the user can freely between scenes, the interaction between the devices a seamless experience smart home.

   subversion, Ecology - "smart products" to "smart scene" to open the scene interactive era

   by introducing more new IoT applications, cloud-meter 5GIoT evolved from the realization of intelligent products intelligent scene to get rid of stand-alone intelligent , services solid single bound, from the living room to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, cloud-meter 5GIoT will achieve different family environment, intelligent scene between different home devices. Let family things more comprehensive and rapid response to the needs of users, will allow the family 5GIoT really enjoy the whole scene interactive smart, intimate experience.


   launched 5G Instant screen, three ace to overturn the traditional living room big screen

   Following the launch of the worlds first large-screen 5G refrigerator, the worlds first hybrid network VIoT5GCPE, in this the conference, and a new global strategic 5GIoT starting debut: the wisdom of the worlds first 5G living room big screen - "21Face Instant screen (version 5G)." Three ace to overturn the traditional living room big screen, redefining the relationship between the user and the home.


   a trump card: 5G touch of high-speed, open interactive streaming media age. SDX555G powered by Qualcomm chips, high speed Internet not only allows 5G 8K watch online video to become a reality, but also through the clouds powerful force calculation and storage, the new eco-cloud gaming, cloud app like 21Face interactive landing on the wisdom of the screen. APP no longer need to download, ready to use; the user does not need to replace high with a host that is able to Play 360+ games masterpiece, at home to enjoy with family and friends to enjoy the game Happy Hour.

   ace two: AI gesture Taking control, innovation and far-field man-screen interaction. Built-in AI interactive eye, through interactive 3D sensor and a distance sensor to achieve AI Taking a gesture control, allowing users to interact waved able to fast-forward, mute, screen shots, selection of films, etc., completely changed the traditional TV interactive mode, allowing users to bid farewell to the remote control device; AI interactive identify what gesture operation recognition, gesture recognition, from the recognitionAnd more AI somatosensory pattern, realize the phone automatically mute child close interest screen, playing somatosensory games and other interactive entertainment, with the deepening of the future of machine learning, will also support more scenarios; AI interact with the camera with the eye, better support cross-screen remote video call or play interactive remote "cloud mora" and other operations.


   ace three: 5GIoT hyperlink, to cover the whole house high-speed scene 5G. 21Face Instant screen is not only interactive screen, it is a 5GIoT super connectors: Instant WiFi6 screen powered by Qualcomm chips, and supports Bluetooth, WiFi6, ZigBee hybrid network, comprehensive alternative set-top boxes, routers, gateways and other equipment, subversion of things past networking model to achieve full house scene 5G high-speed coverage; built OneTouch a key networking technology to solve the IoT deployment of the "difficult" user pain points, easy interconnection of all things 5G, the first to open the whole house wireless Chang era scene.


   In addition, as an epoch-making wisdom flagship machine, 21Face Instant screen is also uncompromising in the configuration, called the hard core filled with: The 75 "8K ultra high definition full screen, color gamut covering 143% clear picture quality, vivid colors; equipped with top-quality SOC chip with Dolby Atmos sound, giving the user an immersive picture and sound experience

   Instant screen to fill the whole house smart scene. blank, cloud-meter cross-screen interactive whole scene

   cloud meters whole-house Internet appliances has launched 60+ category, the advent of 21Face Instant screen marks the formal completion of the layout of the living room big screen, the Internet cloud filled the whole house meter family life all scenes blank, "full screen home" for full-screen interactive scenes across the idea of 鈥嬧€媗anding.


   21Face Instant screen, so TV is no longer a TV, a human being redefined and home interface. large-screen interface gives us more intelligent and multi-screen interactive experience, as user in the bathroom mirror and exchange interaction in the bedroom and a small cloud meter V, in the living room with Instant screen gesture control big screen when the kitchen cooking fridge voice interaction, to achieve the whole house is full of intelligent interactive screen; in the living room Instant screen, just a place to grab a content synchronized to the kitchen refrigerator big screen, to achieve multi-screen synchronization; different rooms, connected screen screen, refrigerator with a large screen to cloud-meter small children eat call VRice, cross-screen conversation; IoT control across the screen, refrigerator door, open living room with air conditioning. So far, cross-screen interactive full screen let our family Intelligent Scene interactive experience becomes more free and smooth.

   HomeSaaS cloud services work together to provide integrated solutions family IoT

   accelerate "5G + IoT" depth of integration, cloud rice not only has a very intelligent Instant screen as a terminal to provide cloud services for IoT applications and 5G connection home security of a private cloud: HomeSaaS also in this conference in his first public appearance!




   HomeSaaS rich streaming media, cloud storage, IoT services and other three features, allowing users to bid farewell to download, all cloud-based intelligence experience complete. HomeSaaS help from the cloud intelligent control, users purchase Instant screen, get a set that contains IoT control, shopping, cloud albums, cloud storage, cloud video, cloud gaming, cloud applications, such as improving education intelligent interactive services. In sum, HomeSaaS will provide consumers with a service layer across the Internet of Things, data transport layer, the overall perception of software and hardware integration of intelligent applications / interactive layer, allowing users to easily enjoy the Internet home-based intelligence and big data era 5GIoT efficient experience.

   21Face Instant screen (F5G version) will be held in Jingdong, Lynx, Suning, cloud and cloud-meter mall noodle shop starting simultaneously during 618, while December 31, 2021 21Face user purchase Instant screen We will receive unlimited cloud space activities will also be started.

   the ultimate pursuit of clean water into the next generation, "surging mass" of water purification era

   Since the first generation of cloud-meter water purifiers release, cloud water meters with integrated three-dimensional, intelligent electric three-way valve, water purification technology, AI 12 pioneering technology redefines the water industry. After three years of research and development, cloud-meter equipped with a "next generation greater flux of water purification technology," the new water purifier --- "cloud AI surging mass meter water purifier ROX (1600G)" In this conference, once launched immediately stunning the audience, with a number of water purification products black & once again subvert the form of high-end water purifiers, water purifiers to provide users with a revolutionary new experience.


   AI cloud mMassive surging water purifier ROX (1600G), under Dr. Yun-meter water purification team of innovative research results "next generation RO water purification technology," blessing, RO reverse osmosis technology to break through the existing four major problems, one solution to the mainstream market RO reverse osmosis less water purifiers, water access and slow user pain points, for the 1600G surging mass, four times the market mainstream 400G flux, mass flux also has a small pump, adjustable mineral water, winter water does not decay, the core insert 8 years not-for-4 and other big advantage, once again leading the technology evolution of water purification products! The

   conference, also said that cloud the water purifier category 2020 meters across the board upgrade, Super, Easy, Quick, Fast four series 400G ~ 600G upgrade to 800G-1000G large flux, water flux from entering the era of big!

   2020 new-studded, multi-line smart home and thus

   products continued iterative, multi-line go hand in hand! Conference, cloud-meter big screen refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen smoke, smart home and other categories of new sparkling debut, to further build a complete family of intelligent realization.


   飦?has become a large-screen refrigerators category "double the industry first" 21Face Internet cloud rice shipments and sales of large-screen refrigerators through OTA upgrade in the near future, the large refrigerator screen menu, audio and video experience richer;

   飦?cloud rice washing drying machine launched the NEO series of new products with liquid detergent intelligent delivery function, update clothes disinfection function can be achieved by OTA;

   飦?hood upgrades across the board AI Taking a gesture operation, so oily hands are not touching the body, oil, zero-touch;

   飦?Internet cloud three meters of gas stoves Coook new product launches, designed to match the high-end Western-style kitchen design. Has a 4.5kW large fire and omni-directional waterproof function, can realize the intelligent interconnection kitchen smoke;

   飦?cloud-meter intelligent home series launched InkRock ink stone, built-in ZigBee protocol evolutionary innovation from 2.0 3.0, compatibility stronger, more security high; innovation achieve off network connectivity, and support innovation connected cloud-meter VIOT, cloud faster rate, so the smart home into a new experience.


   AI technology of high-end appliances coKiing2020 extend all categories

   October 2019, the introduction of cloud-meter coKiing high-end brands, and combineMeaning "with AI technology and to foster miraculously extraordinary experience", targeting high-end appliances AI technology to AI technology-enabled home appliances, redefine the high-end user needs. Starting coKiingRoyal series of air conditioning, through a combination of AI and high-end hardware performance, to achieve "full house temperature field, a key intelligent AI wind" core technology; AI Frequency central air-conditioning Crown series launch is to let the home central air-conditioning to achieve a breakthrough.

   just a few months time interval, in this conference, coKiing high-end appliances AI technology has been extended to the whole category, including big-screen AI refrigerator, washing drying machine, small air conditioners, water heaters, kitchen smoke, water, life appliances, etc., in the shortest time possible for users to build a set of high-end technology products AI matrix.

   飦珹I dual refrigerator Royal family that supports lightweight bright screen, large-screen interactive open kitchen fridge intelligence technology new category;

   飦珹I Royal family washing machine, built-in multi-dimensional sense, realize the wisdom of laundry;

   飦?smoke shells machine, with 10 inches Andrews screen to realize intelligent washing AI row, instantaneous wind as movable fire smoke fumes;

   飦珹I gas water heater, by AI precise control, i.e. start and whole-house water Get;

   飦?000W speed thermal water heaters, the new upgrade Paradise Purifying bath;

   飦珹I thermostatic kettle, boil water to support AI voice, precise temperature control, always warm;

   飦珹I health pot and AI broken machine, enabling high-end AI health, simple and easy to enjoy healthy health wisdom.

   beyond the era of home appliances, "waves" cloud meters rushes forward

   in the dawn of a new era 5G, located in the cloud meters of new species, based on the complete layout of the intelligent, interconnected, high-end product matrix, the first occupation 5GIoT track, with 5GIoT strategy to redefine the future of home, change the future home for future Internet-interactive home.


   cloud meters Technology founder, CEO Chen Xiaoping at the press conference, 5G will make the smart home into a new interactive era of the Internet, with a new form of experience. Future has come, I hope you continue to focus cloud meters, concern and explore new family of intelligent direction, contribute new strength for our smart new life.

   As the home appliance industry, "waves" This time the cloud meters publish 5GIoT strategy, not only to achieve self-transcendence, is gripping force of the times,Beyond the past and face the future. Smart Home vastness endless surging, driven by cloud meters, will continue for the future of Internet users interact with more far-reaching new life, more transformative power of wisdom.


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