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RO reverse osmosis technology introduced with the knowledgat

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   RO RO without heating equipment, low energy consumption, stable continuous operation of the process equipment, small size, simple, adaptable, does not pollute the environment and gradually replace traditional ion exchange process. Today, Xiao Bian gave you a detailed explanation about the knowledge of reverse osmosis membrane.


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describes the technical knowledge of the RO RO RO take you (picture from the network)

   1, selected reverse osmosis membrane desalination rate of penetration and salts rate

   of the RO desalination reverse osmosis membrane elements had been determined during the production thereof forming, high and low salt rejection depends on the density of the denser salt rejection, the reverse osmosis desalination of the surface layer member RO desalination membranes ultrathin layer the higher, while the lower water production.

   a reverse osmosis membrane for desalination rate is mainly determined by the different substances structure and molecular weight substance, high salt rejection of monovalent ions and complex ions may be more than 99% of monovalent ions such as: sodium ion, potassium ion, lower chloride ion rejection rate, but may exceed 98% (the longer the time a reverse osmosis membrane, the more the number of chemical cleaning, the lower the rate of the reverse osmosis membrane desalination) organics removal rate of molecular weight greater than 100 may also be too to 98%, but lower removal rate of organic matter of molecular weight less than 100.

   desalination reverse osmosis membrane and the salt passage Calculation:

   = RO membrane salt passage RO membrane permeate concentration / influent concentration 脳 100%

   [123 ] = RO membrane salt rejection (salinity water yield 1-RO membrane / water salt content) 脳 100%

   RO membrane salt passage = 100% - rejection rate

   [ 123] 2, select the reverse osmosis membrane permeate flow rate and water production

   RO water production film - refers to water production capacity of the reverse osmosis system, i.e. the permeate flow per unit time of the RO membrane, usually t / h or gal / day to represent.

   RO membrane permeation flow rate - also represents an important indicator of the reverse osmosis membrane element of water production. The flow rate of liquid through the membrane per unit area refers to, generally per square foot per day (the GFD) represented by gallons. Permeate flow rate is too high will result in the film surface perpendicular to the RO water flow speed, increased membrane fouling.

   3, the recovery rate of the reverse osmosis membrane selection

   Recovery of the RO membrane - refers to a reverse osmosis membrane systemFeedwater converted to percent yield of permeate or water. Based on water quality and water requirements of reverse osmosis pretreatment system dependent. Recoveries of RO membrane system has been determined at design time. Recovery

   (1) RO membrane recovery = (RO membrane permeate flow / influent flow rate) 脳 100%

   (2) reverse osmosis (nanofiltration) membrane module , salt passage, salt removal ratio calculated as follows:

   recovery = RO membrane module of the reverse osmosis membrane module water production / feed water 脳 100%

   through the reverse osmosis membrane module salt through the membrane module water production rate = RO concentration / influent concentration 脳 100%

   4, according to the reverse osmosis membrane selection model

   TDS鈮?000ppm water inlet optional Super film element ; 3000ppm鈮DS鈮?000ppm choice of feedwater contamination; TDS鈮?000ppm optional brackish water desalination membrane element; TDS鈮?000PPM optional water desalination membrane element.

   5, the reverse osmosis membrane selection of water

   In general: water production

   Reverse osmosis (referred to as RO) is a membrane separation technique, which relies on reverse osmosis the film in the solution of solute and solvent separation characteristics to work under pressure, is now widely used in terms of water purification. Above related presentations on reverse osmosis, I hope you like it. <4T/H鐨勫弽娓楅€忚澶囧閫夌敤4040鑶滃厓浠?0.25鍚?灏忔椂鍙嶆笚閫忚澶囷紝閫夋嫨4040鐨勮啘涓?鏍癸紝0.5鍚?灏忔椂鐨?鏍癸紝1鍚?灏忔椂鍙嶆笚閫?鏍癸紝浠ユ绫绘帹;浜ф按閲忊墺4T/H鐨勫弽娓楅€忚澶囧閫夌敤8040鑶滃厓浠?8040鑶滃厓浠跺ぇ姒備负1鍚?灏忔椂锛?鍚?灏忔椂鐨勫弽娓楅€忚澶囧氨閫夋嫨4鏍?040鑶滃厓浠躲€?/p>

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