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2015, Hansi Dun eyes focus on the layout of theerminal marke

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  Hansi Dun water purification business in 2014 shipments reached 100 million units, an increase of 48%. Hansi Dun said the 2015 "new product development effort, started in 2015 good start", the impact of the first quarter shipment target of 100,000 units.

   Hansi Dun Group of 27 officially released the 2014 operating data. Data show that in 2014 Hansi Dun water purifier sales in the most significant change is the high-end water purifier sharp rise in the proportion of shipments, reaching 18%. Which since Hansi Dun Lynx shop in the second half of last year, Hansi Dun water purifier is double the national family sought after just two months of the national shipping over 500 million units.

   By the end of 2014, on the scale of production, Hansi Dun third-phase project is completed. Hansi Dun has the largest water purifier Industrial Park and top international laboratory base. Hansi Dun its products on the market completed a comprehensive coverage of water purifier market. From a national brand of household water purifiers terminal in the second camp to stand out, retaining its position as the worlds third position. Hansi Dun water filter counter-attack is not inevitable, in addition to the development of the industry lay in the background, the decision is inseparable from the leaders of the Group.

   Hansi Dun Hu, director of the market, said: "Since 2012, Hansi Dun water purifier brand forsworn white, low-end customized business model, took to the Hansi Dun its own brand of high-end road 2013 annual brand, product, channel three major changes, and steadfast implementation of quality strategy in the global market in 2014 initially built up the open market capacity. firm Chinese high-end market. after years of hard training, Hansi Dun in 2014 the realization historical landmark beyond. "

   from 2015, Hansi Dun water purifier both the long, heavily layout of rural water purifier market, the establishment of service centers and more than 500 villages and towns. And began to explore the services and software to build intelligent smart home system, create a new pattern Hansi Dun enterprises.

   Relying on high-end models in the national market sales growth, coupled with internet marketing campaign, Hansi Dun brand awareness continues to rise. This year Hansi Dun will win the United States and other home appliances giant, the same as Chinas domestic water purifier industry leading brand, Hansi Dun brand in the Chinese market is difficult to compete with the history of the United States. But any industry and personal development do not just look at his birth, but to see if he has ambition and determination. United States competitors involved in a number of industries, it is the water purification industry, the last year Hansi Dun shipments and sales revenue farFar beyond the US water purifier. Industry specializing in surgery, this is the advantage of professional water purification business, but also the drawbacks of cross-bank business difficult to avoid.

   2015, Hansi Dun eyes focus on the layout of the terminal market, assisting agents nationwide by Group Operations continued to boost sales, with the results reinforce the position in the high-end water purifier market. Hansi Dun market impact of a quarter shipment target of 100,000 units.

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