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Water purification industry to accelere the development of a

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   After ten years of development, the domestic water industry has become the fastest growing sunrise industry, while a growing number of agents have also "wading", due to the relative refrigerators, washing machines and small appliances and other mature industries , water industry in the early stages of development will undoubtedly retain more profits to businesses, the development of Blue Ocean POW in mind.




to accelerate the development of water purification industry marketing more diverse (Photo from Internet)

   First, the water purification industry development speed

   [123 ] If the scale is a measure of body mass the size of the industry, you can see that the home appliance industry is now mature among some categories rise billion industry to achieve scale market with color TV industry for 20 years, refrigerator, washing machine industry for 15 years, the water purifier market today for over 100 billion, in just seven years, the speed so that the water industry has become the most potential home appliance industry in the new force. Of course, the development of any industry need to go through the front of the dormant period, the water purifier market is no exception, but this dormant period or because the relationship between market orientation of the entire consumer market and the water environment, promote brand manufacturers coupled with the composition of the force , after encountering a suitable market flashpoint, adequate preparatory work brands have more opportunities. But for agencies concerned, especially accustomed to the traditional development mode or still follow the traditional business thinking business market, in the face of the rapid development of the times looks bloated.

   For example, many traditional agents currently learning how to do electricity supplier, but in terms of the traditional businesses have a prominent issue in the face of e-commerce, it is to keep up the rhythm. Specific performance, one of many network terminology of understanding is not enough, even if understanding can not keep up the update rate of vocabulary and concepts; the second is the specific mode of operation as well as insufficient efforts to execute, including web design, product presentation and store management the details, because there are very large differences in operating online and traditional channels.

   Now the water industry, with only one-half of the last time the TV development to reach hundreds of billions of equal size, the speed beyond our imagination. 2013, Lynx double eleven accounted for 35 billion yuan, quickly realize than 54 billion yuan in 2014, can be seen from the side of the electricity business development has seriously indeed "move the traditional cheese." Similarly, the water industry has entered the fast lane of speed, since it is a rapidly growingIndustry, agents and angle of thinking does not keep pace with the development of industry and the market will determine the survival of the fittest.

   as water purification agents, its own characteristics reflected in the need to keep up with the pace of development, all of the water industry has developed fast, decided to diversify the traditional agents must make a "non-traditional" change. On the one hand, traditional agents must learn to face and how to do electricity suppliers, on the other hand, in such a rapid development of water purification industry and category among the talking fast, but also to a large extent reflected in the sales and marketing changing the way among the agents need to apply the same thinking to promote the multi-dimensional market.

   Second, the water industry marketing diversification

   At present, not a single category Now that mature sales channels to achieve the water industry is so diverse, it can be said to explore any kind of pattern are with the agents own operating characteristics, even channels can be done everywhere flowering, which gives water purification agents to provide more space to navigate.

   water industry sales channel diversification is different from traditional home appliance industry a very significant feature. We can see that there is no TV in the category of building materials sales channels, refrigerators, small appliances, also still to stores, specialty stores, the terminal stores mainly, of course, an integral part of the electricity supplier channels. But the characteristics of the water purification products to sell products brought endless possibilities: home building materials, kitchen market, the traditional 3C, local department stores, supermarket chains, electronic business platform ...... water purification products almost achieved full channel coverage. Direct sales, will sell, community promotion, network, free of charge to seize the end product ...... almost achieved full marketing, as long as they think, water purification can try, such as convenience stores, hardware stores, even a snack bar, can cooperate If count an account, then these stores more efficient and effective cooperation. For example, a water purifier retail price of 2,000 yuan, a variety of stores in the terminal point deduction and personnel costs at around 35 points, indicating that the product can actually play Qizhe. So working with these more flexible shop, discount half faiths, half the shops to cooperate, so you can even achieve extremely dense network layout, the number reached tens of thousands. Diversification and flexibility of this form of marketing is another trait have to say the water industry. And many of them have operations in which these channels are excellent, some traditional agents clean water for the category in which the structure of the original product, and relying on the existing distribution channels, terminal Ye Hao, Channel customers worth mentioning, can quickly cut into the market, quickly done. It can be said, is a water purifier product does not pick the channels, as long as there is demand, where are the market. So in the channel and marketing, the whole network layout and full channel coverage is certainly worthy businesses and try to think of. It is important to give yourself a clear positioning, and understand the manufacturers brand positioning, brand positioning walk if "the tall", then do the terminal stores and department stores and are more appropriate, building materials wholesale channel is more suitable for some small brands.

   Third, the water industry services concrete

   water purifier has a certain product characteristics, to some extent in terms of their similarities and air conditioning, that needs to be installed, if you do not installation, and use of a users home matches, there is not much difference between a brick. Although there have been some users on the market able to explain yourself or the video that is able to install the product, but due to non-standardized and specialized operators, often there will be leaks and other flaws affect subsequent use, plus many older users do not get up and running capacity, still require professional home installation.

   Second, water purification machines require long-term, continuous service. The useful life of the product either three, five or ten years, businesses need to provide continuity of service, if the service is not timely, then this product is likely to become a source of pollution, rather than "net source of water."

   qualities of water purification products requires continuous service agents to build capacity, on the one hand to guide the user to avoid a net source of water pollution become a phenomenon occurs; on the other hand, personnel management, customer management and advance services will essential. Create high-efficiency, high level of service team, and the work of the service provided by concrete, is a very important part of agents continued to improve the comprehensive ability of self, in addition to the current manual service no better premise to solve water purification products and services under , the water purification services well is in the dissemination of the brand, and create efficiency. (Source: water purifier network)

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